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The Compensation Depot was founded by Jim Johnson (a well known veteran compensation professional
 in the Silicon Valley) who has a strong desire to apply his 30+ years of compensation plan design experience (including 
approximately seven years as an independent consultant) to resolve the compensation issues facing your organization.

Jim's approach is unique in that he:
>    TEAMS WITH INTERNAL CLIENT STAFF when possible to design, implement and maintain compensation 
programs in an effort to help develop internal compensation skills.

>    Has has broad experience with large multi-national firms as well as small firms that have no formal compensation plan(s) in place. (Note: It's never too early to start that process.) No project is too small, whether it's writing a job description or assessing the market competitiveness of a single job. Preference is also given to part-time projects of limited duration (Ideal: 2 days per week for 1 to 8 weeks with consulting time split between on-site and home office locations).

For firms temporarily without an internal compensation resource we can "bridge the gap" until your internal resource is available.We're here to give advice and assist you in resolving your compensation related issues - without billing you for simple issues requiring brief phone consultations.

Competitive Pricing
We not only do high quality work, but we do it at a competitive price because our cost structure is lower than larger consulting firms. Project work is typically billed by the hour at a negotiated rate based upon the complexity and duration of your project. We are flexible, taking into consideration your scheduling needs and budgetary constraints.

Companies and Clients
Memorex Corporation --------- Santa Clara, CA ----------  High Tech - Large Data Storage and Magnetic Tape ---- Employee
Electronic Arrays ---------------- Santa Clara, CA ----------  High Tech Switching Circuits ---------------------------------- Consultant
Tektronix Corporation --------- Beaverton, OR ------------  High Tech - Test and Measurement Equipment ----------- Employee
Maxtor Corporation ------------- San Jose, CA -------------- High Tech - Disk Drive Manufacturing ----------------------- Employee
Everex Systems ----------------- Fremont, CA ---------------  High Tech - Personal Computers ----------------------------- Employee
Pay Equity Advisory Svcs. ---- Santa Clara, CA ----------- Compensation Consulting Firm ------------------------------- Owner & Consultant
Merit Resources Group ------- Dublin, CA -----------------  Compensation Consulting -------------------------------------- Consultant
U. S. Leasing, Int'l --------------- San Francisco, CA -------  International Leasing & Finance ------------------------------ Consultant
Silton-Bookman Systems ----- Cupertino, CA -------------  HR Training & Development Software ----------------------- Consultant
Symantec --------------------------- Cupertino, CA ------------  Software ----------------------------------------------------------- Consultant
​R.W. Lynch ------------------------ San Ramon, CA -----------  Legal Advertising ------------------------------------------------- Consultant
​Luxtron Corp. --------------------- Santa Clara, CA ----------  Sensors for Mfg. Processes ----------------------------------- Consultant
Nellcor ------------------------------  Pleasanton, CA ----------  Medical Devices (oxygenation sensors) --------------------- Consultant
Watlow-Anafaze ------------------ Watsonville, CA ----------  Sensors for Mfg. Processes ------------------------------------ Consultant
Seagate Technology ----------- Scotts Valley, CA ---------  Disk Drive Manufacturing --------------------------------------- Employee
The Compensation Depot ---  Santa Cruz, CA -----------  Compensation Consulting Firm -------------------------------- Owner & Consultant
LOF Internat'l HR Solutions--  Sonoma, CA --------------- Compensation Consulting Firm -------------------------------- Consulting Associate
Topcon America ----------------- Livermore, CA ------------- Precision GPS, Sensing & Measurement Instruments ----- Consultant
Security Mentor ----------------  Monterey, CA -------------- Online Security Awareness Training Programs ------------- Consultant
Cepheid --------------------------- Sunnyvale, CA ------------- Molecular Diagnostic Systems & Tests ----------------------- Consultant
iRobot ------------------------------ Bedford, MA ---------------- Robotics Development, Sales & Marketing ------------------ Consultant 

Our compensation expertise is broad with substantial depth in every area of compensation. See Our Services section below.

Picture of Jim Johnson
 We've been known to employ "creative  approaches"  in  our work; usually to control your costs.
We've been known to employ "creative approaches" to save our clients money.
We ensure you understand each step of the process.
 We have the experience, expertise and creativity  to add order and . . . . . 

 . . . . .breathe life back into your organization's  fragmented compensation programs!
We have the experience, creativity and expertise to add order and breathe life back into your organization's fragmented compensation programs!
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